Saturday 27 February 2016

Masters of the Universe Art #1: Earl Norem

Earl Norem (1923-2015) was a regular contributor to the visual world of MOTU for 30 years, starting with the classic brand in the 1980s, right through to the He-Man Classics line of the 2000s. His paintings and artwork for MOTU added to the world that we all known and love as that particular universe, without him oour memories of He-Man and Skeletor may be quite, quite different. This post is a tribute to the great man, and a thank you for all that he gave to our visions of the Masters of the Universe.

I mean, who else gave us He-Man and Skeletor fighting each other on lions and elephants?

Or He-Man and Skeletor fighting each other in the cold of space?

Certainly the most utterly, completely METAL that Hordak has ever looked.

Earl even made long distance shots look great, with all of your favourite characters in there, battling away. It gave you all sorts of ideas for play patterns, creating massive storylines and battles in your mind, making you think and create and imagine.

If you want to see more of Earl's MOTU artwork, his website is located HERE, it also has a lot of his artwork for other properties as well and is well worth checking out!

Thanks Earl. Your work shaped a lot of how we saw the toys and made up our stories. We're forever grateful.

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