Friday 24 October 2014

Episode 202

Back to the Eighties welcomes a very special guest this week, as AJ Locascio, voice of none other than Marty McFly in the Telltale Back to the Future games drops by! Yes folks, one of the few people to play one of our favourite characters is in the house! AJ talks about his role as Marty in the games, how he came to be interested in films to begin with, and even his love of nostalgia (and BTTF, Indiana Jones, Ninja Turtles...the list goes on...) We'd all like to thank AJ for his time and hope that he'd like to come on the show again in the future! We also have your homework about things you'd like to see INNNNN SPAAAAAAAAAAACE, and also have a good old natter about wrestling. So join us please, as we go the Eighties.

Tuesday 21 October 2014

When the Music Stops: Skeletor's Ice Attack

It's all the way back to Earth year 1984 this week, and another visit to Eternia, to check in on everyone's favourite living skeleton and his struggle against He-Man. It's not going so well, to be honest. So much so, that Skeletor's had to resort to using Mer Man to attack Prince Adam and the Royal Family on their summer holidays. Maybe Skeletor should have used Nicholas Witchell instead. I bet King Randor HATES Nicholas Witchell.

Friday 17 October 2014

Episode 201

Wotcher! After a week away we're back, and this time we have added extra Chris Vint! He joins Sam and Glenn as they explore the wonderful world of Ulysses 31, and find out whether the eponymous hero really does get to go home, and also whether his crew survive being made as lifeless as stone! There's also news, lots of news, ALL THE NEWS, from Star Wars and Transformers, and also a 200th episode message from a late'un. Oh yeah, and also homework: which myth, legend or story could do with the space opera treatment that Ulysses got? Answers on a postcard please, as well as questions for next week's guest, AJ Locascio, famous for providing the voice of Marty Mcfly in Telltale games Back to the Future adventure game!

Tuesday 14 October 2014

WTMS: The Origin of Daredevil

He's the man without fear, you know. Along with all of the other men without fear in comic books. There's a few. He's the only one who's blind, though.

Friday 3 October 2014

Episode 200

We made it! Yes folks, Back to the Eighties is officially 200 episodes old, and Phil, Sam, and Glenn feel like celebrating. So here they are to read out some of the messages we've received from to mark the occasion, as well as mention some of their favourite moments, and why they enjoy making this wonderful show so much. There's also a smattering of news, but really, that's not what this week is about. So make a nice cup of tea, put your feet up, and enjoy the milk poop. Thanks for listening.

Wednesday 1 October 2014

When the Music Stops: Warlord of Eternia

Hey you! Yes, you! How about a Masters of the Universe story that doesn't have He-Man in it and focuses solely on Skeletor, Beast-Man and Evil-Lyn going back through time to recruit an army...with hilarious consequences! You want it, you got it. Warlord of Eternia is based on a story from the one-shot Ladybird Masters of the Universe annual, and features only the Evil Warriors on an ill-advised jaunt into the past! If you recognise the storyteller, then you might be surprised to learn that it's actually Ed Bishop, probably best known for his portrayal of Captain Blue, Captain Scarlet's BFF!