Saturday 29 September 2012

Snow Seen

Here's the Public Information Film that was heard at the end of this week's show; it's called "Snow Seen" and is from 1980, with a voiceover by Ray Brooks.

Friday 28 September 2012

Episode 119

Phil's back this week, just in time for the guys to be joined by an extra special guest; comic colourist and soon-to-be superstar artist, Auto Assembly 2012 guest Sam Palmer! Together, they discuss your picks for a new TV show, packed full of your favourite 80s TV stars (and a skiing testicle-shaped being)! They also rummage around the news bin for the choicest cuts of news, before answering a question which brings up some painfully funny memories.
If Horace were to ski and no one was there to watch him, would the game still have sucked? Yes. Yes it would have.

Sam's website:

Tuesday 25 September 2012

When the Music Stops: Star Trek - The Motion Picture

This week's audible confection sees the first cinematic adventure for Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise, as we find out the identity of the mysterious V'Ger, and what they want with planet Earth!

Sunday 23 September 2012

Homework for Episode 119

If you had the chance to produce an Expendables style TV show starring 80's action stars (as the characters they played back then of course) who whould you cast, and how would the story go?

Saturday 22 September 2012

Dread Tidings: Generation One Stepper

Once he was an obscure Japanese Transformer, talked about in revered tones. These days it would seem, he's old hat. And a former shelfwarmer in the Land of the Rising Sun. Whatever he is, he's certainly Generation One Stepper! Or Ricochet. Possibly.

Episode 118

This week, Glenn and Jii go to the seaside, specifically, Cockleshell Bay, where they have a great time building sandcastles and reminiscing about simpler, more innocent times. Then, it's back to Earth with a bump, because the depths of the toy news need to be plumbed (although considering the time of year, there's quite a bit of news about). After all that, it's time to take the train to Question Town, as we've got your questions that need answering!

I think that's about as far as I can go with the travel metaphor. If indeed that's what it is. It might be an allegory. It's not a similie, that's for sure.

My head hurts.