Saturday 23 May 2015

Episode 223

The gang's joined by Ian, aka Airlift82 this week, as they not only ask him about his 80s experiences, but about what 80s shows they're yet to see on DVD, and also discuss your homework answers - so what DO you like about Red Dwarf from last week? There's also some news to go through, including Masters, Transformers, DC Comics, and even news of a certain Doh type movie! And no, it's not about The Simpsons. So sit back and relax, and let the gang take you through another Friday night of crapping on about geeky stuff!

Saturday 16 May 2015

Episode 222

The Boys from the Dwarf are here this week, and it's up to Paula to spotlight them! She's joined by Jii, Sam, Becca, Glenn and our Very Special Guest Star Harriett from Manga Girl Photography ( who joins us again for fun and frolics 3 million years in the future, where there's nothing much to do aside from play unicycle polo and make sugar puff sandwiches... There's also news, lots of news, oodles of news. News. From all around the nerdy world, including Transformers, MOTU, Turtles, Thunderbirds, Star Wars and even some cool DC figure news! News. So join us won't you, as we attempt to teach you what to call Rimmer, and try to avoid making Mr Flibble cross. Boys from the Dwarf.

Sunday 10 May 2015

Eurovision Special

Jenny's back! Yes, the World of Crap boss is back with us again, this time to regale us with tales of an arcane ceremony that takes place once a year, a ceremony that involves demonic singing, block voting, and can accurately predict the politics of a region for a whole year - the Eurovision Song Contest! Joining Jenny will be Jii, Becca, Sam, Paula and Glenn - it's almost like the cast of a slasher movie, where they're all waiting to be bumped off by Brotherhood of Man and ABBA in a bloodbath of tacky dresses, bad lyrics, and ethnic dancing. Join us won't you, as we brave the horrors of Eurosong, and try and avoid getting nul points.

Saturday 2 May 2015

DC Comics Special

After last week's visit to the Mighty Marvel universe, it's time to take a trip to the other comic multiverse, that of Detective Comics, where Superman flies overhead, and Batman keeps the mean streets clean. Joining Sam and Glenn this week are Becca and Kalel Prime himself, Mr Dave, to have a natter about why they like DC so much, and also why and how the DC Comics mindset is that much different than Marvel's, as well as reminiscing about their own DC memories from childhood, through to the DCAU, to the anticipation for Batman v Superman for next year!