Saturday 20 June 2015

Episode 226

Здравствуйте и добро пожаловать в обратно в восьмидесятых! This week has a definite Soviet flavour to it, as Becca spotlights the Russian classic videogame, Tetris! Sam, Andy and Glenn all have to fall in line, just like the blocks, and do Becca's bidding, as she regales us all with not only the story of how the original game came about, but also how it ended up in the hands of Nintendo! There's also news! Not only some disturbing MLP news, but also stuff from Star Wars, Transformers (including more exciting videogame news) Turtles and also Ghostbusters! Exciting stuff. So come on down to Back to the Eighties, because in Soviet Russia, podcast listens to you!

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