Friday 17 October 2014

Episode 201

Wotcher! After a week away we're back, and this time we have added extra Chris Vint! He joins Sam and Glenn as they explore the wonderful world of Ulysses 31, and find out whether the eponymous hero really does get to go home, and also whether his crew survive being made as lifeless as stone! There's also news, lots of news, ALL THE NEWS, from Star Wars and Transformers, and also a 200th episode message from a late'un. Oh yeah, and also homework: which myth, legend or story could do with the space opera treatment that Ulysses got? Answers on a postcard please, as well as questions for next week's guest, AJ Locascio, famous for providing the voice of Marty Mcfly in Telltale games Back to the Future adventure game!

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